October 11, 2014 7 PM-10 PM ... Performers: Somnath Roy, Subhayjoti Guha, Pankaj Misra, Mala Ganguly, Prachi Dixit & Khalil Alashar....An Evening of Indian Classical Music and Dance Concert at Skirball Cultural Center LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Free Parking in underground garage.... CALL 818-363-1132
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Society for Rural Assistance to India, SRAI, is a non-profit , non
political and non sectarian organization committed to economic and
social development of India.
SRAI believes that development  refers
primarily to the development of  people and not merely of goods
and things. It facilitates this process by providing seed money to
worthy projects and by working with villagers, as a catalyst, making
them aware of the available resources, and in the establishment of
institution and technologies which are comprehensive, future
oriented and appropriate to an existing economic, social and
physical situation. The areas of development among others,
include agriculture, sanitation, education, poultry, small-scale
industries, health and rehabilitation of the handicapped.

purpose of SRAI is to study economic, social and cultural
problems of India and to promote ways and means that would serve
to solve them.

objectives of  SRAI are:
1    to provide a forum for discussion of the problems of India and
the meaningful solutions for them
2   to organize programs on the basis of these discussions for the
betterment of existing conditions in India .

activities of SRAI , which is not formed to support any political
party are appropriate to the fulfillment of the objectives